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General Information

A Company Of Golfers, For Golfers

At Ship Sticks, our mission is to make golf travel simpler, easier, and more affordable. In 2014, U.S. airlines collected $2.6 billion in baggage fees and mishandled 24 million bags. Our goal is to provide golf...

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Lugging vs. Shipping

Ever dealt with the pain of waiting at baggage claim, only to then have to lug your heavy clubs & luggage to your rental car or shuttle? Ever thought about just leaving your sticks at home to avoid the aggr...

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Significant Cost Savings

When you ship with Ship Sticks you're not just saving time and energy at the airport, you're also saving money! Our customers enjoy savings of up to 60% versus regular carrier costs. With rates as low as $39.99...

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On-Time Guarantee

We appreciate you entrusting us to oversee your clubs, luggage and even ski equipment. Our dedicated tracking team takes great pride in monitoring your shipment from pickup through delivery to ensure a hassle f...

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