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Packaging Guidelines

Locking Your Bag/Case

Instructions For Locking Your Travel Bag or Case SHIPPING WITHIN THE U.S. While it is not required, we do recommend that you lock your travel bag/case if it will not be in a box for security purposes. While ...

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What can I pack in my international shipment?

When preparing for your international shipment, it is important to know what you can and cannot pack. Acceptable Golf Bag items include: Golf equipment (clubs, bag, balls, etc.) Golf shoes Rain gear (...

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Weighing Your Bag

It is important that your bag or box does not exceed the amount of weight/dimensions for the type of packaging you selected. Weighing your bag must be done in advance as the carrier will not weigh your bag at ...

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Weight On Label

The weight listed on the shipping label is NOT the maximum allowable weight for your item. This number is simply an average package weight for the type of item you are sending, as we are unable to predict the ...

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