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How to ship golf clubs in a hard travel case

1 Pack your golf clubs properly

  1. Remove your club heads from the shafts (if needed) and mark their settings.
  2. Wrap your club heads in bubble wrap and tape them together using blue painters' tape.
  3. For additional protection, add a stiff arm to the bag by extending and locking it in place.
  4. Carefully place your clubs in the hard travel case.
  5. Close the latches shut.


2 Print & attach your shipping label

  1. Attach your label using a shipping luggage tag.
  2. Labels can also be taped to the upper area of the hard case, covering the entire label (we recommend double-checking the tape once applied).
  3. Run a zip tie through the shipping luggage tag at the top handle of the case.
  4. Close the zip tie and double check the connection.

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