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Packaging & Labeling

Our international shipping specialists are diligent in keeping up with customs screening guidelines to ensure your shipment is processed in a timely manner. Below are the packing requirements for shipping to and from international locations. 

1. All contents must be packaged in a travel bag, hard case or corrugated box. Boxes can be purchased at any local UPS or FedEx shipping store (
2.  For customs screening purposes, shipments cannot be locked
3. Include only golf equipment inside your packaging. Please remove any loose articles of clothing and price tags on any merchandise. Golf Shoes and rain gear are permissible. 
Other regularly prohibited items include: toiletries, aerosol or other pressurized containers (including sunscreen and bug pray), alcohol, batteries, medication, drugs, firearms and ammunition, animals, hazardous materials or any other specified in our terms. 

4. Secure bar-coded shipping label to a travel bag, hard case or box. Soft sided travel bags will need a luggage tag if no flat plastic siding is available to attach label securely. Commercial invoice document should be loosely attached and available for the driver upon pickup. 

If you have any further questions or concerns with regards to shipping internationally, please contact our support team for further assistance. We look forward to overseeing your shipment!

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