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Pickup from a Home or Business

When will your pickup take place?
The window for pickup is 9am-6pm, however with our experience we've been able to narrow this down based upon the general location. If you ever have a question as to the status of your pickup, feel free to reach out to our Customer Support Team so we can look into it further with the local carrier. Please see below for more information on when you can expect your pickup to take place.

Residential Pickups
These pickups tend to take place in the afternoon or early evening. While pickup windows may extend beyond the 6 o'clock hour, most carriers will call you if they are running behind. We understand you may not want to wait around all day, so feel free to leave your shipment packed, labeled and readily available for pickup on your porch. This is entirely at your discretion, but just know a signature is not required to hand the shipment over to the carrier. If you have general instructions for the driver as to where you left the shipment for pickup, you may leave a note on your front door. The carrier will not take instructions for entering garage codes, look for keys under rugs, or even go to the back of a property, but notes may help to ensure the pickup is successful. Have a doorman? Make sure you let them know your shipment(s) are to go out with the other packages for that particular carrier. 

Commercial Pickups
If you have a regular UPS or FedEx pickup from your place of business, then odds are the same driver will be there to pick up your golf clubs. These pickups tend to take place during normal business hours. Please keep in mind that if your building has a mailroom, shipping area or general reception desk where carriers normally pick up, you will need to leave the shipment(s) there. Unless a suite number is specified on the order, the driver will go to the normal pickup area for a commercial location.


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