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Tips for a Successful Pickup at a Home/Business

Our team is well versed in the pickup process, and has some suggestions to ensure your pickup goes as smooth as that elusive putting stroke we all want:
  • Make sure your shipment(s) is available during the entire pickup window (9am-6pm). If you don't think you can make the window, contact our support team so we can go over some available options.
  • When leaving your shipment(s) outside for pickup, make sure the label is securely attached and visible for the driver to see. If you've secured your label to the bottom of your travel cover/case make sure you lay it in a way which clearly presents the label for the pickup driver.
  • Leaving a brief note on the door of your residence may help the driver to complete the pickup. Simple directions like "at side door" or "please knock/ring for pickup" are often suggested by our agents when assisting customers with pickup questions.
  • If you have a doorman, please notify them that your shipment will go out with the normal pickup for the given carrier. Whether it be from the mailroom or in the main lobby, our pickups are typically assigned to the regular driver.
  • If your business has a daily pickup, please leave your shipment in the proper shipping area for pickup (mailroom, reception desk, etc.). Again, the pickups are typically assigned to your regular driver so you can simply hand it over to them.
*Leaving your shipment outside of your residence for pickup is completely at your discretion. Although a signature is not required for pickup, Ship Sticks suggests leaving your shipment in a secure location for pickup. A pickup request status will be marked by the driver indicating whether or not a package was available at the time of pickup. 

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