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Tips for a Successful Pickup/Delivery at a Golf Club

Whether you're a long time member or a first time guest, our team wants to ensure your experience is as convenient as having that caddy carry your clubs around the course. We've put together some helpful tips to make the process of shipping to/from a golf club simple and reliable.

Tips for a Successful Pickup
  • Check with the golf staff to find out where carriers normally pick up packages. Smaller facilities typically have pickups right from the golf shop, but there may be a loading dock where your sticks will need to be taken for pickup by the carrier.
  • Make sure the club is scheduled to be open on your pickup date. Some private clubs will be closed on Mondays for maintenance. If this is the case, our team will be glad to assist in changing the address for pickup or rescheduling to another date.
  • If you intend to squeeze in one last round on your scheduled pickup date, please reach out to our team to reschedule your pickup. The carrier could show up while you are out on the course without you being aware. 
  • Forgot to pack your label for pickup? Our team can quickly access your shipping label and e-mail it right to the pro shop staff. Just let us know who to send it to, and we'll send it right away.
  • Leaving your clubs overnight for pickup the following business day? Confirm the outside staff is aware of your intentions to ship, and make sure they know the carrier pickup window (9am-6pm).
Picking Up Your Sticks After Delivery
You've arrived to the club, and now it's time to tee it up! Upon arriving to the course, simply notify a member of the golf staff that you have shipped your sticks in care of your name.  Packages being shipped to a golf club will deliver to a shipping & receiving area, bag room or even directly to the golf shop. Having trouble locating your sticks? Our support team will be able to tell you who signed for the shipment and when to help track them down. 

IMPORTANT:  Prior to shipping, we highly recommend that you contact your destination club to advise them of your shipment, along with your expected arrival date as a courtesy.  Some locations may request additional information to be included with your order.

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