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Tips for Successful Shipping To and From a Hotel or Resort

You're just arriving to the well-deserved golf getaway you've been looking forward to for quite some time. You wisely shipped your sticks and luggage ahead of time so all you need to do is check in, lace up, and put that peg in the ground! After you arrive to the resort, simply notify the front desk/concierge or guest services team that you have shipped a package in care of your name.  Most hotels or resorts have a shipping/receiving area where packages are retrieved from. Having trouble locating your sticks? Our support team will be able to tell you who signed for the shipment and when to help track them down.

All good things must come to an end, and now it's time to prepare to ship back home. Understanding you'd much rather stay and enjoy the scenery, we also know the importance of a timely pickup to ensure your sticks get back home. Our team has put together some helpful tips for a successful pickup from a hotel or resort:
  • Most hotels and resorts will have a designated shipping/receiving area. Check with the hotel/resort guest services to confirm where pickups occur. 
  • Confirm the "ship to" address. Some hotels or resorts may want you to ship to a specific address based on where you are staying or playing. 
  • Make sure you leave your shipment properly packaged and labeled for carrier pickup. Resorts are very helpful, but may not be equipped to pack your shipment for you.
  • If you leave your shipment at the front desk, make sure to notify them of your ship date and carrier so they can pull it from storage on the correct date.
  • Squeezing in one last round before heading home? Contact our support team for information on resort pick up times or to make alternate arrangements for pickup. Remember, the pickup window is 9am-6pm. Your shipment must be made available during this window to ensure a timely pickup.
IMPORTANT:  Prior to shipping, we highly recommend that you contact your destination to advise them of your shipment, along with your expected arrival date as a courtesy.  Note that some Hotels & Resorts may charge package or handling fees.  These fees are not associated with our service and can vary by location.  While the majority of destinations do not charge these fees, Ship Sticks is not responsible for these fees.

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