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Lugging vs. Shipping

Ever dealt with the pain of waiting at baggage claim, only to then have to lug your heavy clubs & luggage to your rental car or shuttle? Ever thought about just leaving your sticks at home to avoid the aggravation? When you ship with Ship Sticks you can travel with ease and comfort in knowing your clubs & luggage are awaiting your arrival wherever you're staying or playing.

Not only are you saving your back from bearing the load of heavy luggage, you're saving time and money at the airport. The benefits don't end there, either. Without worrying about trunk space, you can now rent a more economical car, even when traveling with a group. Airlines are finding ways to make your travel more expensive, but Ship Sticks provides a cost effective and convenient alternative. Simplicity and security are what you can expect with Ship Sticks from the minute you book your order through delivery.

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