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Customs Regulations When Shipping To Mexico

Our international shipping specialists are diligent in keeping up with customs screening guidelines. Based on our experience, Mexico is extremely stringent on their requirements.  Below are the packing requirements for shipping to Mexico to ensure a timely delivery and to avoid customs delays:
1. All contents must be packaged in a corrugated box. Boxes can be purchased at any local UPS or FedEx shipping store (
2. Limit items in box to include only your travel bag, golf bag, golf clubs, and golf balls. All other items must be removed from the shipment, even golf shoes and rain gear.     
3. Remove all price tags from any items packaged inside box.
4. For customer screening purposes, items inside the box cannot be locked.

Other regularly prohibited items will be listed on your international shipping documents. If you have any further questions or concerns with regards to shipping to Mexico, please contact our support team for further assistance. We look forward to overseeing your shipment!


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