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Setting Up Your Shipment

Ship Sticks offers two convenient options for customers to begin the process of shipping their sticks.  You may choose to ship your sticks one-way or round trip.

The first option is to enter in the address that you would like your sticks picked up from and we will coordinate the pickup with the carrier to go to your address.  The pickup address can be from a home, business, hotel or a golf course/resort.  Simply package up your sticks, securely attach the label and have your sticks ready to go on the pickup date you selected.  The pickup window will be scheduled from 9AM to 6PM.

The second option is to elect to drop off with the carrier directly at one of their store locations.  Store locations will be either a UPS Store or FedEx Office, depending on the carrier that you are given.  This is a great option if you will need assistance with securely attaching the shipping label to your travel case or travel bag or prefer not to leave your sticks unattended to during the pickup window.

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