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How to print your shipping label(s)

Congratulations! You've successfully placed your Ship Sticks order and now it's time to print your barcoded label(s). After you completed your order, a confirmation e-mail was sent to the e-mail provided in the order. The confirmation e-mail looks very similar to a flight itinerary and contains links to print your barcoded label(s). You may also print your label(s) from your Ship Sticks Tracking page. After you've printed your label(s), please follow the directions and securely adhere the label to your travel cover, travel case or box. If you are shipping multiple bags please pay close attention to the tracking numbers on your labels. Each shipment should have it's own unique tracking number.

Please keep in mind the carrier will not attach or re-attach your shipping label for you. Ensure the label is covered entirely with clear packaging tape or secured to the handle of your bag with a luggage or shipping tag.  We recommend placing an additional copy or other form of identification inside your travel bag or case.

For packaging supplies, please visit your local UPS or FedEx store.

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