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Custom Orders

While we are at experts at Shipping Sticks and Luggage, we are also great at shipping virtually any other item you may need help with!

Creating a custom order is simple and takes only a matter of minutes to complete.  Most custom orders can be completed right from our website by using Luggage as the Item Type.  Our Luggage selection will be able to fit most of your custom order needs.  Simply give us a call and supply us with the approximate weight and dimensions of your item, where you want to ship your item to and we will help coordinate the rest for you. Once the order has been placed you will be sent a shipping label to attach to your item.  When the item is ready to ship we will schedule a pickup with the carrier or we can direct you to a local drop off point should you need packaging supplies. Once in transit our team will monitor and track your item through delivery. When the package arrives at its destination, you will receive an email from our team confirming delivery!

It's really that easy!  To obtain a quote or book a custom order, please contact our customer support team at 855-867-9915.

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