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Ship Sticks requires that you ship your sticks in to your destination at least 1-2 business days prior to your first round of play. Once your order has been placed you will be emailed the shipping label(s), tracking link(s) and shipping itinerary.  Each golfer is responsible for making sure that their sticks are properly packed and labeled on the dates that you selected for pick up. From the moment your sticks are picked up to the time they deliver, our tracking team will monitor your shipment to ensure everything goes as planned. Your pickup will need to be tracked online, however once your sticks arrive at their destination you will be sent a delivery confirmation email.

Order Instructions: 

With Ship Sticks, scheduling your shipment is fast and easy.  Simply go to the website and click 
Ship Now.  Fill in the required fields, making sure to specify your pick-up and delivery locations and dates, number and size of bags, and insurance coverage. You can have your clubs and luggage picked up from anywhere, including your home, office or golf course. You also have the option of dropping your clubs and luggage off at a UPS or FedEx facility.  Once you’ve completed the online form, click “continue”.  After the order has been placed, you will be emailed your order confirmation.  Think of this as your travel itinerary as it contains all important information including your shipping label(s) and tracking information.


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