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Collecting Travel Documents

Our international support team is well versed in the international shipping process including pickup and logistics, country-specific operating procedures, and customs regulations.  Our goal is to ensure your shipment is picked up and clears customs in a timely manner so your guaranteed delivery date is met.

International shipments are subject to customs screening in which case customs agents will review not only your physical shipment but the accompanying documentation. That said, our team will ensure the proper documentation is provided to the appropriate parties. In order to do so, we will be collecting travel documents (passport and flight itinerary) for each traveler shipping their equipment. These items, along with any required customs documents will be submitted directly to the clearance teams responsible for working with customs to clear your shipment. 

Again, our team has the experience needed to ensure all documentation is properly submitted. Not only can you rest assured knowing we have taken care of the necessary paperwork, but our team will also keep you informed along the way. In the case there are clearance delays, our team will swiftly communicate with the clearance teams to sure up any paperwork questions or concerns.

For more information on international shipping, please read the rest of our helpful support articles or contact a member of our international support team.

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