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Placing International Orders

Heading to play at the "home of golf"? Heading across the pond to enjoy the majestic views of Old Head Golf Links? We've got you covered! Ship Sticks' international services are not only easy to process but they save you from the headache of having to worry about your clubs making that connecting flight! 

Below we highlight some of the best practices when placing your international order:
  • Enter your name as it appears on your passport (i.e. - Joseph Golfer vs. Joe Golfer).
  • Avoid shipping to carrier facilities as they do not accept shipments. Our team can process a "hold for pickup" but please enter a valid business address in the destination section.
  • Verify address information at the destination. Whether it's postal codes or street names, addresses abroad can be much different than in the States.
  • Have any questions or hesitations? Give our team a shout! We are more than happy to help ensure your shipment is processed accurately. 
Please see the video below for more information on placing your international order!


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